As a member of the EBRNetwork you support our aim to reduce waste in research by promoting:

  • No new studies without prior systematic review of existing evidence
  • Efficient production, updating and dissemination of systematic reviews

Your help in achieving this aim will be highly appreciated.  As a member you can support the EBRNetwork in the following ways:

  1. Promote our aim within your own network such as by informing about research waste and EBR, sharing tweets (#EBRNetwork), mention us in blogs, giving lectures about the need for an EBR approach etc. There are presentations about EBR available that can be used by all members if needed
  2. Complement our EBR bibliography with new and relevant papers concerning EBR related topics
  3. Join us in presenting and writing about EBR (contact for further information)
  4. Invite members of the EBRNetwork to give lectures, presentations etc. relating to EBR
  5. Participate in workshops, seminars, meetings etc. arranged by the EBRNetwork
  6. Join research groups trying to address the challenges the EBR approach has identified
  7. Help to support the activities of the EBRNetwork either by direct funding or by identifying potential sources of funding and assist in the application process (more information available here)

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