02.12.17 Announcing the launch of Cochrane Interactive Learning

Cochrane is delighted to announce the full launch of all nine modules of its new online introductory training course on how to conduct systematic reviews of interventions. Cochrane authors and … Continue Reading →

29.11.17 “Evidence-Based Research” is now an entry on Wikipedia

Thanks to Jong-Wook Ban “Evidence-Based Research” is now an entry on Wikipedia.org. Link to the Wikipedia page here.

16.10.18 Avoiding redundant health research

Kavli Trust, a Norwegian foundation, has used systematic reviews to help them decide which research projects to fund. “The trust would accordingly urge all institutions and funders to give greater emphasis … Continue Reading →

Involving people – a learning resource for systematic review authors

An argument within evidence-based research is that it is not enough that clinical research is valid – it also has to be of value for society and the scientific community. To create value we need … Continue Reading →

Reflections from the Global Evidence Summit, Cape Town, South Africa, September 13 – 16, 2017

Together with the REWARD Alliance the Evidence-Based Research Network presented the need to increase value and reduce waste in clinical research. The session focused particularly on the importance of using … Continue Reading →

8th International Conference of EBHC Teachers & Developers hosted by GIMBE Foundation, 25th – 28th October, Taormina, Italy

Professor Hans Lund, Chairman of the EBRNetwork, is presenting at the EBHC International Conference on the topic “Evidence-Based Research – placing research in the context of existing knowledge: a systematic … Continue Reading →

Global Evidence Summit 2017, 12-16 September, Cape Town, South Africa

For more information please visit the conference website

Funders and regulators are more important than journals in fixing the waste in research

It is important that the incentives to reduce waste in research is present as early as possible in the research process. Thus funders and regulators – like ethics committees – … Continue Reading →

Your choice of citations DO matters

The article «Bad Footnotes Can Be Deadly» in Slate Magazine argues how your choice of citations matters.