The Evidence-Based Research Network (EBRNetwork) is the continuation of COST ACTION CA17117 EVidence-Based RESearch (EVBRES). This means that our work advocating for an Evidence-Based Research (EBR) Approach will continue, extending globally and across all research areas (not just clinical research). Read more about EVBRES.

About EBRNetwork

EBR Seminars & Conference

The Evidence-Based Research Network aims to promote:

  • No new research studies without prior systematic review of existing evidence
  • Efficient production, updating, and accessibility of systematic reviews

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EBRNetwork seminar/workshop: 4-5 December 2023
Advancing Evidence-Based Research: Trends and Insights
Location: Zoom 2-4pm CET 4th & 5th December
Free to attend JOIN NOW!
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Watch this space – more information on the 4th EBR Conference coming soon!

Videos of the 3rd EBR Conference (October 2022) now available

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