The Evidence-Based Research Network (EBRNetwork) is the continuation of COST ACTION CA17117 EVidence-Based RESearch (EVBRES). This means that our work advocating for an Evidence-Based Research (EBR) Approach will continue, extending globally and across all research areas (not just clinical research). Read more about EVBRES.

About EBRNetwork

EBR Seminars & Conference

The Evidence-Based Research Network aims to promote:

  • No new research studies without prior systematic review of existing evidence
  • Efficient production, updating, and accessibility of systematic reviews

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The work of the EBRNetwork is supported by the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL).

4th EBR Conference & 2nd General Assembly: 9th September 2024
Draft programme now available
Abstract submission now open

We are currently working on the mechanism for registering for the 4th EBR Conference and determining the conference registration fee. Please check back intermittently for updates. We will be sharing this information here.

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Videos of the 3rd EBR Conference (October 2022) now available

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