PhD defence ‘The Next Steps Towards Responsible Animal-based Research’, 24 May, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Judith van Luijk, PhD student at Radboud University Medical Center, recently submitted her PhD thesis entitled: “The Next Steps Towards Responsible Animal-based Research”. The thesis concerns research into the effectiveness of the 3Rs and systematic reviews (SRs) of animal studies, and what SRs can contribute to animal-based research and what actions are needed.

This work contributes to reducing waste in animal research and encourage evidence-based research in laboratory animal science.

The thesis has been approved for public defence which will take place on May 24th at 10.30 AM in Nijmegen (Geert Grooteplein Noord 21, The Netherlands). Everyone are welcome to attend the public ceremony. More information available here

We wish Judith good luck in defending her thesis!

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  • Susan Green says:

    The most important document to date promoting and defending best scientific practice in pre-clinical animal research. All clinicians who use animal data to inform their trials are missing out and being misled if they do not understand the relevance (to human trials) of the evidence from the SRs presented in this handbook. Every medical library is encouraged to acquire a copy of this outstanding work.

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